MLM Survival Guide


It is indeed a shocking truth to find out that over 95% of network marketers or home
based business owners are operating their business at a LOSS!
How scary if you are reading this for the first time.
Well thankfully if we all worshiped statistics fanatically, most people today will be afraid
to drive cars or even go to school (e.g. the percentage of road accidents and how many
students in a class „make it‟ in getting distinctions)
We all want to be smart people and rather be in the top 5% being the ones making the
money now, don‟t we? Of course we do.
It is sad that countless of poor victims join the industry, uninformed, and when they run
into problems, they usually put the blame on the company, the team or even the industry
That is why we hope to avoid such unfortunate circumstances.
Even if you have been involved, this information is invaluable because it might teach you
things you have missed out or information to help your downline.

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