China’s Floating Cities In The Clouds: And More Strange Sightings In The Sky


This book details China’s Floating Cities In The Clouds and other strange sightings in the sky, going briefly into their history, the beliefs surrounding them, and the possible reasons for them. You will learn that some believe that the government is behind all of this with hidden technology. You’ll be introduced to the idea that there are things being hidden from us. That there really is another dimension that we get a glimpse of, from time to time. While these theories may seem to be out of this world at first, there are many who believe them.

The Illuminati? The Free Masons? The Reptilians? The Annunaki? Grey Aliens? The Rockefeller family? The Rothschild family? The Republic of China? The US Government? Could one or more of these choices be behind these strange sightings? Maybe.

This book also brings to the table a new conspiracy theory. That these strange sightings in the sky are related to the Pyramids.

Keep your eyes on the sky, you could witness something totally crazy.

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