The Gods Vs The Reptilians: The War To End All Wars


Jack is just a regular guy. He has a family and a regular job. One day everything changes and Jack is in the middle of The War To End All Wars. The Greek Gods have returned to earth and find that an alien reptilian race has taken over the world. The Reptilians!! They have taken over the government, the banks, Hollywood, and every other facet of society that gives them power. They have corrupted the people of earth with many evils. The Gods decide that The Reptilians must be destroyed! The Gods recruit Jack to form a resistance to help fight The Reptilians. The great Zeus and the council of nine decide to bring The Titans in to help as well. The Reptilians outnumber the resistance, but with The Gods and The Titans on Jack’s side, The rebel resistance is ready to defeat The Reptilians. They have, to save the earth from their corruption. It is time for a cleansing! It is time for The War To End All Wars. The Gods Vs The Reptilians!

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